great little expat craddle


For P and I, one of the greatest logistic challenges of preparing for the baby here in Italy has been chosing furnishings that A. dont break the bank, B. will insure the safety of our little guy, C. would be worth transporting back to NYC when the time comes to move home, and D. are not heinous.  Perhaps I am a little ambitious, but I knew that I could find a cradle that would satisfy all of the above.

At first, I fell in love with a full-sized, convertible crib (it is the Bobo lettino system and is huge, actually), by the Italian company TATI, and was almost persuaded by the lowered price tag here in Europe compared to a stateside purchase. However, after some contemplation decided to save the actual crib for later on down the road when we are back in Brooklyn, grounded, and not worrying about shipping.

Alas, after a month or so of disappointing perusal of the frilly and generally old fashioned Italian baby boutiques, I was about to give up when I stumbled upon this great little company called TotemItalia, and with it their adorably simple, safe, modern, and affordable wooden cradle.  Not only does it assemble with great ease, but it comes apart compactly for super easy shipping or even (perhaps??) an ambitious carry-on.  The wood used, though ply-wood, is of the highest European E-1 standards and the futon-style mattress is made of 100% organic cotton.  I believe they ship world-wide, so if you are interested check out the link and inquire away…



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