Ok, so I originally intended to chronical my pregnancy here in Milan month by month (of course peppered with other interesting bits of random art, design, scientific findings, well designed baby gear etc) but alas the months have slipped away and here I sit, getting huge in my 7th month.

So, for the sake of introductions, I am a 28 year-old expat wife (and much, much more) living in Milan, Italy and now 29 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little boy.  Though both my husband (P) and I (plus our dog, Hasty) have lived abroad before, we have only been in Milan for 8 months, so as one might imagine I have been more focused on the craziness of being pregnant than the insanity of adjusting to my new home.

Being pregnant is obviously one of the most life-changing, memorable times in life as-is. Add to that a heavy dose of culture shock, disdain for moped exhaust, and uncertainty about a foreign healthcare system, and it can start to feel like the epicenter of an earth quake.   All in all, I have had a relatively smooth pregnancy, and am very lucky.   Baby Mario (that’s the nickname) seems to be growing at a great pace and is chucking his weight around inside of me with a vengeance usually reserved for wrestling matches.

Hopefully, I can use The Expectant Expat as an outlet to share ideas about almost being a mom/being a mom, whatever other randomness has piqued my interest, and lastly– beautiful, well-crafted things in general.  At the risk of upping the cheese quotient, I will also probably write in from time to time about my adorable dog, Hastings, who is the current recipient of all of my maternal instincts.   And also of my travels– Milan is not the most enjoyable place, but the surrounding areas are amazing. More to come…
Imaginary travel in month 7- Bellina and Hasty go to the tropics ;)


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