Virtual Nesting

One of the most frustrating things about getting ready for my little guy while being abroad is that despite my intense nesting instincts, living in a furnished Italian rental apartment severely hampers my ability to really create a nursery. Not only do my rigid and old fashioned landlords refuse to let me rearrange the furniture to accommodate a nursery, but they also insist on my keeping the world’s (not just Italy’s) most depressing, dusty oil paintings on the wall. Gotta love old people in this country.

Since it does look like we will back in our cozy (and owned) Brooklyn apartment in the next 6 months or so, I decided to start designing a virtual nursery using the free software Google SketchUp, which is an amazingly user-friendly 3-d conceptual design program. I am just learning, so there will definitely be more to come. But for now, here is a peek at what my little guy might have to look forward to once he no longer has to stare at these anachronistic Italian walls 🙂 If you are at all design-inclined or want to be check the program out– you will be surprised how easy it is to create your own virtual baby haven. Have fun…



2 responses to “Virtual Nesting

  1. Try looking at the 3d warehouse. There are tons of free components you can add to your model. Have a blast with SketchUp, it is amazing what you can do!

  2. Is that a screenshot from the opening credits of Bonanza on your virtual nursery wall? If so, I know my nephew is in good hands.

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