More taste expansion…

Why not further encourage a multitude of taste experiences by serving delicious dishes on these great map-themed plates by notNeutral. Each plate depicts one of four cities: Los Angeles, Shanghai, Cairo, and Berlin…



One response to “More taste expansion…

  1. Carolyn –
    I enjoyed your blog on baby food and thought the recipe for pumpkin /wild rice sounded like something I might want to serve dinner guests this Thursday night! I managed to avoid the baby food jars of the 1970-80’s mainly because it was too costly. I went from breastfeeding to pizza at 9 months with #1 (you), added cereal and bananas at 5 months with #2, made all my own baby food with slow cooked veggies and a hand grinder/food processor with #3 – including the cereal and bananas, and mashed up just about any and everything with #4 – only to find out after 21 years that he prefers vegetables raw, not cooked to a mush!
    Love you!

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