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Pancia Pic- 36.5 Weeks



Green laundry can get it white????


So, as I await the coming babe and look at all of his adorable bite-sized garments and precious, pudgy cloth diapers I try to prep myself for the day when these items become functional and in need of a good washing, instead of loitering an empty nursery like a well organized doll wardrobe. Well over a month ago, I made it my mission to hit the health food stores nearby to outfit my baby laundry routine with the most sensitive and eco-friendly products I could find.

I looked in 3 different stores and while I found a couple of brands boasting bio (organic) ingredients, or formulas for sensitive skin, I was disappointed not to find a single one that was unscented (the Italians– even the ones that shop at the health food store, from my experience are big on smelling good). I looked around for the usual brands I know from the US, and other places I have lived abroad ie, Seventh Generation and EcoVer and still nothing. I found dissinfecting dirty-diaper soak, but nothing just for the baby’s wash. Ultimately I resigned to take a huge thing of Bio Presto Sensitivo, which has a milder but still synthetic perfumy smell, little info on what makes it bio, and comes with a promise from an Italian university that it is delicate for even the most sensitive of skins.

I washed everything with the detergent, and then again with just water to remove some of the fragrance, but now as I am getting closer to actually putting these little items against my baby’s delicate skin I am feeling like there has got to be a better way. I don’t know how Italians do it, but I am not interested in putting everything through the wash twice so that baby doesn’t get a rash.

One of my favorite preparing for baby books (it is a beautiful book full of great tips and ideas and available at, Organic Baby by Kimberly Rider, has a brief section on laundry where she suggests using castille soap instead of regular detergent, combined with different amounts baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and essential oil drops to keep things soft, bright, and fresh . Has anyone tried this, or any other DIY baby laundering techniques?? I am going to scout out some castille soap and get started, but I would love to hear how others are keeping their green laundry white. And Italians, too… let me know how you do it!

More posts to come…

I realize that I have not been such a diligent poster lately, but I am nearing the end of week 37 of my pregnancy, and my ability to concentrate on the blog has been pretty hard to come by.  But I am committed to continue blogging even once my little man arrives.   And while the title of the blog suggests a pregnancy, I assure you that post-baby it will continue to be about (if nothing else) great expectations while being a first-time mom in an expat world.  Ciao…

Milan is grey today…



So I have been playing online with color. Maybe it is my end-of-pregnancy desire for mindless (I like to think of it more as meditative) activity, but I am loving the color blending/matching utility on Using radio buttons, the site allows you to chose an initial jumping off color and then suggests color palettes to accompany. Yes, its simplicity is not too unlike my being mesmerized by the Sherwin Williams color chips at the Home Depot (not available in Milan for better or for worse), but with the color blending workstation there is decidedly a more intelligent dimension. Oh– and I forgot to mention that each color is listed with its HTML# and the palettes can be uploaded into photoshop or illustrator, plus the blends can be named and saved on the site for future use. To be integrated into my virtual nesting project for sure!


Pancia Pic- 35 Weeks

This is a pic taken from our recent vacation, about which I will surely be writing more. But I think that the baby dropped, as you may be able to see in this pic.  Breathing is much easier…


Rant: No, this is not a teen pregnancy…


I have never understood it, but even before I was pregnant I frequently received comments here in Italy about “not looking my age”…insinuating that I looked like I was 18, not 28. But now that I have spent 7 months of looking 18 and pregnant (in a country where most people don’t even marry until 35) I have had the hilarious pleasure of offending every one of my neighbor’s bourgeois sensibilities. Now, not only is the 18 year-old shacking up with some man in the building (they can’t imagine that we could possibly be married) but she is very pregnant!! Let the gossip begin!

I have grown accustomed to the wide eyes and double takes as I walk down the street. When speaking to me, those unfamiliar to me often hesitate to ask me about the father (though I understand, of course that this complaint could easily go in the opposite direction). It’s ludicrous! The best part is when I am doing my pre-baby shopping by my lonesome (usually because my mature, successful husband is working). Despite being well dressed, groomed, and attractive, I have been on multiple occasions blatantly ignored at a baby store in favor of some frumpy, OLD (sorry to sound so bitter) mother to be, when I have clearly stated my intent to purchase something expensive. WTF???

Anyway, I guess this is just the product of living in such a mono-culture where the mold is strictly not meant to be broken. I am sure that my outsiderness leads me to be more sensitive to such behavior, but while there are certainly those who have showered me with compliments and wishes of good luck, I can’t help but feel annoyed by the others. I mean, come on…

Italy is certainly a country obsessed with the icon of motherhood, I am just learning that the icon only holds if she has gray hair. And it also appears that this cult of elderly momhood is upheld and promoted by the same old guard that keep their 35 yr old children living at home.

Oddly, a lot of men hit on me here– way more than I would expect anywhere as a huge, preggy babe . I think maybe I have touched on some psychological nerve here in Italia that will probably take more than 9 months to fully understand. For now though , I would like to state to all my neighbors that no, this is not a teen pregnancy.

Pancia Pics- 33 weeks