BAIK: Eco-friendly Italian Baby Clothes

While Italy does have it’s fair share of baby clothing companies and stores, I have found that in general most baby apparel tends to be either cheaply-made, tacky, or prohibatively expensive (but uber oldfashioned and imaginably as comfy as a hairshirt-onesie).  So, I decided to check out which Italian vendors had attended the most recent Bubble Trade Show in NYC which now in it’s 2nd year showcases progressive children’s design.  BAIK is my favorite of the 3 attendees and has a baby line full of simple, clean designs enriched by their colorful, modern take on batik, not to mention their commitment to eco-friendly and socially responsible production.  Playful, modern, simple, and comodo. I love the freshness of their spring/summer line and can’t wait to see what they have in store for fall…





One response to “BAIK: Eco-friendly Italian Baby Clothes

  1. I really like baby clothes that are well made so they hold up over many hand me downs. They also have to be adorable of course like the baby clothes at

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