Still expectant: overdue and waiting for the timebomb that is not ticking

WARNING: This entry is mostly my whining and complaining about waiting to be in labor and trying to just relax
These days are creeping by. Milan is lonely without friends to lunch with, family to laugh with, and a working husband. The house gets cleaner every day (I have come to the notion that the only things that seem to satisfy me in these days are shopping and cleaning). Even my cuddly little dog is bored with me, I am certain. I walk marathon laps around the city center in hopes of kick-starting the grand finally only to experience only minimal twinges of discomfort and achy hip joints afterwards. I had a false alarm nearly two weeks ago, and now I am 2nd guessing myself that I even know what a contraction feels like. Waiting like this is such a drag and I wish my little guy would just come on out! I have tried talking to him gently, knocking him around with jumping-jacks, reading him stories about really fun things waiting for him outside of the womb. I have no patience for design, and looking at ingeniously crafted baby knits just makes me writhe with impatience. I have designed, undesigned, and redesigned his baby announcement to the point where it now looks like nothing to me.

I made an appointment for a pedicure thinking that it would calm me and perhaps stimulate some of my labor inducing pressure points I have read so often about. NO DICE. It Italy– or atleast in Porta Romana, Milano, pedicures are all function and NO frills, except for the frilly pricetag. There are no comfy chairs with heat and massage settings, no whirlpool tubs with organic salts. I perched uncomfortably on a metal folding chair facing my pedicurist while she took my leg at a 90 degree angle into the air and steadied it with her knee. This would not be relaxing for a contortionist, but for a pregnant woman in her 40th week, it is laughable. Finally, after cutting my foot with her clipper and then a super lazy massage of each foot that felt like a limp handshake, she just started painting my toenails a color that we had in NO way agreed upon. $50 for the worst pedicure ever. LAME LAME LAME!!! Oh how I miss my NYC nail salons.

Any ideas on how I can make the time pass? Or any good products for expectant mothers??? And not the stretch-mark cream, that stuff is depressing. I want relaxing and revitalizing. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.


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