Monthly Archives: October 2007

Inspiring pics of the day: Bjork

I have always been an avid admirer of Bjork’s unusual sense of style, amazing creativity, and beautifully haunting voice.  We have found that Nikos drifts off peacefully to sleep listening to her Vespertine.   I wonder how her eccentricity translates into being a mother??





Single-handed blogging

Just wanted to say that these past several weeks have been wonderful for family/nikos time, terrible for the blog.  As little Nikos naps in my lap I usually only have one hand to type which has rendered many of my blogging attempts futile, however I do intend to get back into the groove in the coming days.  Looking forward…




Baby Nikos!!!

On 25 September my precious Nikos was born at the Casa di Maternita here in Milan. My midwives were truly wonderful and contributed to a very amazing experience for us. Natural childbirth and labor were terrifying– I won’t lie. But oh so worth it. Now at only 9 days old he is a chubby, squirmy, sleepy, hilarious, expressive part of our family. I am so in love with him.