Inspiring pics of the day: Bjork

I have always been an avid admirer of Bjork’s unusual sense of style, amazing creativity, and beautifully haunting voice.  We have found that Nikos drifts off peacefully to sleep listening to her Vespertine.   I wonder how her eccentricity translates into being a mother??





2 responses to “Inspiring pics of the day: Bjork

  1. ketevan kochlashvili

    i love bjork. eccentric women are great mom. 🙂

  2. I was amazed I was not the only one who had the thought that attachment parenting was not for me. Not only that but that I would find myself drifting into that patern as well. My son had many health problems the first year and spent alot of time in the hospital so, I naturally could not just lay him down in a crib and leave him alone for the night. I could not sleep knowing I could not wake quickly and make sure he was alright. He is now 25 months and it is a struggle to get him to sleep throught he entire night in his bed. He will sleep for several good hours then wake and want to crawl into bed with me and my husband. He is a very happy child and very loving. I cannot help but think that throughout the ages mothers have been told to not let their children do this or that, but everything has a natural order and a flow that just works out. All within reason of course but the natural things seem to work that way. Thank you for your posts.

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