As a child who loved clothes, and even more the act of acquiring clothes via annoying mall excursions, my mother frequently reminded me that her mother actually made ALL of her clothes as a child and (gulp/gasp, and god forbid) a teenager as well. This seemed like the ultimate punishment and the very definition of uncool to my 14 yearold mind. I could just see my mother forcing me to peruse little-house-on-the-prairie-style patterns at the local fabric store, and this imaginary situation caused me to shudder.

Of course, as my mom always assured me, the tables have turned. And while I may not have a 14 year old daughter, or a daughter at all for that matter, I love these vintage children’s patterns I found on Ebay. For little girls, one could really create some adorable little pinafores, modernized by a more current print.

I must comment, however that I think my husband would kill me if I ever tried any of the little boy’s numbers out on little Nikos! My, how boys fashion has evolved…


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